Fuzzland is an action-adventure fantasy franchise that is set in a completely original dimension, with a unique and fresh take on world structure based in a fantasy world that echoes our own. Fuzzland discusses the theme of harmony in nature and explores the concept of good and evil, bringing together separated cultures by thoroughly exploring their roots in a united humanity.

Fuzzland is fun, ambitious and family friendly, with an animation style that focuses on a stimulating and interactive VR visual experience for children and deeply nuanced storylines and thematic messages for older audiences. There is also unlimited potential for content in the detailed world of Fuzzland that could blossom into a wide array of content for different platforms such as: Games; TV Series; Comic Books etc.

The story follows the heroine Pod through her journey of self-discovery and growth in the infinitely large Fuzzland landscape, traversing through different cities with different cultures, meeting and earning the trust of new companions along the way. Along the journey, our heroes learn about the truths of their lush homeland and eventually find themselves gridlocked in a fight to restore Fuzzland into what it once was. What was lost is now found; what was apart is now together.


Fuzzland discusses the theme of good and evil through the distinction between normal Fuzzlandi and The Fringe. The Fringe are distinguished by their loss of fur, caused by a natural physical deficiency when one chooses to do bad things. The Vagabond Fringe take fur from the vegetation and disguise themselves pretending to rejoin the festive village life, thus destroying the vegetation they steal from. The concept is fluid, however, just as the concept of good and evil is fluid. Whenever the Fringe do things that are good, they also have the opportunity to grow back their fur, demonstrating the causal and karmic effect of actions and consequences.

Fuzzland also explores the power of unity through the discovery of different cultures and different races during the story. Pod and her companions find common ground in their quest and combine to achieve ultimate power in unity as they work together to restore Fuzzland to peace.

Our story emphasizes the importance of nature and the balance of nature, when the inhabitants actively impact the environment with the choices they make. In the current timeline of Fuzzland, a large chunk of the world has lost its former luster to an increasingly fragmented and troubledsociety, it is up to our titular characters to bring forth balance as they fight to restore Fuzzland. In addition, each of our main characters also represent one of the five elements of the Earth.