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Life is an Exploration, Art is a Journey, and no one lives these principles to the fullest than Jerry Verschoor.

Self Potrait (2004)

A creative and artist who has mainly work as a designer for films, designing many elements within the film production, also designing interiors, costumes, furniture, etc. His personal work is poetry, drawing and sculptural work, as well as redesigning and recycling old objects into unique sculptural and functional pieces. his interests and focus in creativity are nature, culture and the arts. he loves playing with ideas and materials regardless what it is and just lets his imagination travel, which is often very different than what anyone ever imagined. Never ask jerry to go crazy on the imagination, a request often asked and a request often regretted by clients for the trip took them far beyond their experience.

Jerry building the film puppet set


‘She wakes as the sun’s brightest moment and shines with the reflections of heaven, earth and spirits. She is life, she is power, she is the forces of awakeness.’ – Extract from the Poem: “She is Reality” by Jerry Verschoor.

LiZi is one of the most intriguing and compelling performing fine-artists now emerging on the Art Scene. Fashion, movement or Art! Original and Experimental she explodes her Beautiful Spirit, in unity with every Element of Nature, into each unique creation of her life:

Innovatively she dances with paint in uniquely choreographed moves, balancing music, art and form into live aesthetic painting performances, moving colours to the temperament of sound in a spiritually guided meaning of nature, elegantly, stylistically. She is one with the freeness of spiritually. LiZi has been painting since childhood, but began to study her craft in Italy, for Romantic Improvisational Painting, in 2014. She further studied in the United States for the combination of traditional art and installation, – recording the sense of space in different dimensions of nature with mood and feelings. Adventure is part of life and the source of inspiration for creation! Well-travelled and knowledgeable in cultural diversity she is taking the expectation of contemporary to a new level. Experimentations follow no rules nor fear as freedom flow with the fairy wings. Her creations are retrospectively a journey to so much more. Deeper thoughts of spirituality connected with the vibrations of Mother Nature, Beauty, Love and Life.

‘We are on the brink of a revolution that will reunite humanity with nature through new technological innovations, until we get there, prepare, explore and love all living things in their innocence.’ – LiZi


“她像太阳最明亮的时刻一样醒来,伴随着 天空、大地和灵魂的反射。她是生命,是能量,是觉醒的力量。” – 节选 Jerry Verschoor 的诗《她是真实》。

历子是当今艺术舞台上最优秀的美术行为艺术 家之一。时尚、运动或艺术! 原创性和实验性 将她美丽的精神与自然的每一个元素融汇,在 她生命中每一个独特的创造中爆发:

她创新地以别致的肢体表达与颜料共舞,平衡音乐、美术和形式,使之成为现场唯美的 绘画演绎,以自然的精神指引将线条与音符的 乐律结合在一起,优雅,风格。她是一个精神 自由的人。她从小就跟着师傅和家人写字画画, 在重庆,杭州,昆明等地游历学习。2014年开 始在意大利生活,创作浪漫即兴绘画。后来 国进一步研究了传统艺术与装置的结合,用感悟记录大自然不同维度的空间。冒险是她 生活的一部分,也是创造灵感的源泉!从而她 对文化多样性具有丰富的感知。当自由随着精 灵的羽翼游弋,实验活动不遵循任何规则,也 不恐惧。她的创作远不止一段回忆之旅。与大 自然、生命、美好和爱的共鸣相联的更深层次 的灵性思想。

“我们正处在一场将通过新的技术革新,使 人类与自然重新结合的革命边缘,直到我们到 达那里,准备、探索、热爱生物。” – 历子