LiZi Jerry Creatives

The art of creativity is to play with imagination, sight, spiritual energy and techniques. To meet a soul who shares the same visions and spiritual connections on a creative level is rare. These two imaginative individuals of LiZi and Jerry have this deep understanding and connection, creating a partnership that elevates both their passionate powers to new innovative realms. Deep family respect and connection brings their talents together.

With each in their own space as well as the circle of other artistic friends the group, driven by LiZi and Jerry endeavors to push the possibilities of this varied world of art into peaceful, positive and energetic mixtures and adventures, to open the spiritual and esthetic views of art as a whole to unexplored universes, bringing the viewer to experience the world of creativity themselves, letting them enjoy and feel that life and peace is about attitude. All they need is to feel and believe. This is LiZi and Jerry Creatives.


Creative Design Artist

From the coffee stain of dreams the inspiration flows into passion, reality, and fantasy

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